As Sonetrol, since 2003, we care about people and nature, our product and service concept is located in our sector we take. We will make your life easier with our responsibility to our valued customers and investors and support projects that add value to life; every day, while our energy and water resources are decreasing, we have developed with products and products that provide maximum energy savings thanks to products and solutions, we our mission is to contribute to your budget.

Our company which is suitable for national and international circulation and has all the quality standards.
Thanks to its product quality and project support, it has been developing for many years.

Consultancy, consultancy, and implementation of Solar Thermal Systems and Photovoltaic Systems as well as manufacturing and sales In the process (EPC), we also offer technical services to domestic and foreign projects.

Our company, which has made significant contributions to the development of the solar energy sector, continues its R & D activities without slowing down.

Sonetrol, which has always adopted the principle of offering the best and most suitable product at technology, quality and price point, will continue to offer alternative solutions for a comfortable life.


                                                             Sonetrol Engineering Procurement and Construction


Our Differences
our projects & solutions we developed...

As Sonetrol, we continue our EPC activities by offering product and equipment to our esteemed investors by doing the business partnership with many national and international companies in various sectors.

For Photovoltaic System Products Solution Partner Companies

***Photovoltaic Panel Supply and Installation

***Inverter Supply and Installation of On-Grid and Off Grid Systems

***Solar Construction Supply and Installation

***Battery Supply and Installation to Off-Grid Systems

***Design of DC and AC Lines

***Remote Monitoring and Data Recording Tracking

***Technical Service of Sales post and Installation Systems

For Solar Thermal System Products Solution partner companies

***Solar Thermal Collector Supply and Installation

***Storage Tank (Boiler / Accumulation Tank) Supply and Installation

***Solar Thermal Construction Supply and Installation

***Solar Pump and Automation Equipment Supply and Installation

***Technical Service of Sales post and Installation Systems

Global Sales Network

With its extensive distribution and service network, SONETROL products are delivered to our valued customers. The most appropriate and accurate energy optimization solution for your project is presented to you by our experts.
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Adres: Barbaros Mah. Oymak Caddesi No:8/51 Kocasinan 38080  KAYSERİ - TURKEY

Adres: Barbaros Mah. Oymak Caddesi No:8/51 Kocasinan 38080  KAYSERİ - TURKEY

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