Boiler & Accumulation Tanks

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SONETROL WATER MATE Boilers and Accumulation Tanks are devices that ensure that the heat obtained as a result of bivalent use from solar energy or boiler heating systems is transferred to the utility water with the help of serpentines and are used to obtain domestic hot water uninterruptedly.

An electric heater can be optionally installed as a second energy source. WATER MATE Boilers have an aesthetic and innovative boiler design and are produced in accordance with internationally recognized CE standards.

Thanks to its special design, the heat energy obtained in the serpentine shows a homogeneous distribution into the boiler.

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Inner surface coating is corrosion resistant in accordance with DIN 4753 standard,

It is made of enamel material that provides 100% hygiene .

Maximum Working Pressure of Boilers is 10 Bar.

Optional Electric Heater for Boilers - Mg / Anode Indicator and

Thermometer can be attached.

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Accumulation Tank

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Double Serpentine Boiler

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Single Serpentine Boiler

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Enamel Boiler and Accumulation Tank

100 lt. - 5000 lt. up to capacity...

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Steel and Copper Coils or U-Type Serpentine
Compliant with DIN 4753 Standard
High Insulation Polyurethane or End. Type Sponge
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