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Roof Type Solar Carrier Construction

   In solar power plants, perhaps the third most important equipment after panels and inverters is construction, namely metal carrier systems.  

   The more durable and long-lasting materials the construction is, the more robust and long-lasting your facility will be.


The bolts to be used in the connection of the carrier materials must be inox.


Corrosion or deformation of the bolts in the future will affect the life of the plant. It should be noted that the best materials are very important in the assembly as well as in the selection. In the static calculation of the project to be implemented, the ground survey report is important.


Investors and EPC companies should consider that the transport systems are an engineering project and construction application.

Roof Type Solar Construction applications vary according to the shape of the roof, construction and coating material

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Aluminum Material 

Profil 1.png

55' Roof Profile 

80' Roof Profile 

Roof Profiles 

Profil 2.png

Edge and Middle Holder Profiles 

Edge Holder

Middle Holder

In roof applications, it is important to have the load lifting ability of the existing roof and to be suitable for the static calculations.


If the condition of the roof is suitable, according to the direction and the appropriate inclination angle, in accordance with the projecting standards, providing full sealing, the installation of the PV carrier constructions are made by our experienced technical personnel with the appropriate equipment and apparatus.

Terrain Type Solar Carrier Construction

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In solar power plants, after the panel and inverter, perhaps the third most important equipment is constructions, ie metal bearing systems.

     The more robust and long-lasting materials are, the more robust and durable your plant is.

     Land Type Solar Construction applications can be done in two methods.

The first of these methods is the work of the feet on the land. The other method is to mount the feet on the concrete block to be formed. In both applications, the situation of the land is applied according to the wishes of the investor.

      In the projects to be carried out with pile driving method, the material to be used should be calculated according to the calculation for 25 years.

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