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Modern heating technology smart

needs controllers...

Sustainable use of exhaustible resources and climate protection are among the greatest challenges of our time.

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As a partner of the international heating, cooling and solar energy industry, SONETROL develops smart temperature control devices that transform heating and cooling systems into energy-saving, comfortable, user-friendly systems for our customers, and offer them to our valued customers.

SONETROL control units combine high functional depth with easy handling. This saves you time and money with fast and accurate commissioning and low support.

From design to implementation, we are a trusted solution for product managers in the hVAC industry. Whether it's our controllers offered in customized series or custom-designed products to suit your wishes: together we can ensure that our products are successful.
and ensuring that it is used safely all over the world will be our most important goal.

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HVAC and Solar Hydraulic Pump Kit

The biggest factor affecting the efficiency of a solar energy system is the correct integration of the system control with other energy sources.

Performing the performance of the system expected from different components, the energy performance of the installation, with an insufficient or completely ineffective hydraulic control system causes the system to operate inefficiently in the long run.

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BRV industry experience in the production of solar energy systems and modern control units integrated into today's stylish insulation
Thanks to this, ModvSol manages all the functions of your solar installation in an easy and direct way. Devices that provide the best thermal performance with maximum safety for (1 or 2 solar collector groups, 1 or several boiler storage tanks and swimming pools, recyclable systems, etc.) are offered to our valued customers.

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BRV pump group units also prevent legionnaires' disease.

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