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Series Solar Collectors

Produced by pressing method
Monoblock Aluminum Case

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What is a Thermal Solar Collector?

Thermal solar collectors used in the application, short-wavelength sun rays from the sun, using the free heat energy to convert devices. In Solar Collectors, Absorber Plates are used to convert the sun's rays into heat energy.

Absorber Plates, Selective or Painted Absorbent Surface plate - carrier pipes - manifold collector (Manifold) consists of pipes.


Generally, absorbent plate, high conductivity and usability. It is produced from the most suitable copper and aluminum metals.


In solar collectors, glasswool, rockwool and monobloc polyurethane are also used.


The top cover glass is used in solar glass, which is tempered and low ironoxsid  glass.




What is a Thermal Solar Collector?

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Convoluted Single Channel (Meander)
Copper Tube 8mm / 18mm

Serpentine (Meander)
Copper Pipe 8mm / 18mm

Rockwool Insulation
Thickness: 60mm

Rockwool Insulation
Thickness: 60mm

Manufactured by Pressing Method
Monoblock Aluminum Case

Monoblock Aluminum Case
Manufactured by Pressing Method

Full Plate Selective Surface
Full Plate Selective Plate

High Efficiency Low

Iron Oxide Glass

High Efficiency

Low Ironed Oxide Glass

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All models


Registered Design 002054643

It is guaranteed for 10 years.

HSH Thermal Solar Collector Detail

Euro Mate Technical Advantages

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High Temperature Resistance

Maximum operation of Euroline Series solar collectors
temperature is 211.4 C.

Advanced Glass and Sealing Technology

Low with high transmission and durability
High results with increased energy production with ferric oxide glass.

High Thermal Efficiency and Durability

Thermal efficiency, strength in accordance with EN 12975 Standard
They are products with certificates and test reports.
VSM Model 82.0% - VSH Model 77.2%
HSM Model 73.8% - HSH Model 70.7%

Hourly Nominal Power in m2

1631 Wp - 1882 Wp
1544 Wp - 1799 Wp

Quality Certificates with International Validity

CE - ISO 9001 and Solar Keymark

It has efficiency certificates.

Design Unaffected by External Weather Conditions

Resistant to the harshest environmental conditions, unaffected
It is a product with tests and certificates.

What is a Thermal Solar Collector?


Series Solar Collectors

It is produced untouched by hand in the State-of-the-Art Production Facilities.

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What is a Thermal Solar Collector?

VSM - HSM (Meander) Series

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VSH - HSH (Grid) Series

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What is a Thermal Solar Collector?

VSH - HSH (Grid) Series