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SM-M Series Half Cut  Photovoltaic Modules

SM Mp-144HC Series 450W-460W

Perc cell technology for those looking for a lot of energy in a small area ...

SONETROL SUNMATE SM -Mp Series Photovoltaic Panels are especially suitable for projects aimed at high efficiency in low space.

The system efficiency is kept at an optimum level by obtaining 325/330/335 Watt and 390/395/400 Watt energies in standard panel size with the New Generation 60 or 72 perc cells.

Cellular full black view for specific architectural requirements
10-year product warranty
Larger high efficiency optimized for low radiation
With New Generation PERC cells, resistance losses are reduced and thus efficiency is increased.
Up to 10% increased power is provided in standard sizes
Higher efficiency is obtained at low irradiance.
Suitable for installations up to 7000 m altitude.
It has maximum resistance to hail (83 km / h).
Quality control by electroluminescence (EL) test on each module
NEW: Product Liability insurance

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New Generation Technology Photovoltaic Panels ...

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High PID Durability

SM-M Series Panels Resistance to induced power causing distortion has been proven

Advanced Glass Technology

High result with increased energy production with high transmission glass.

High efficiency and durability

Certified power generation with excellent performance under low light

Design not affected by outdoor weather conditions

Resistant to the harshest environmental conditions, unaffected by tests and certificates

5-6 Busbar Ribbon Technology

Modules have high busbar technology. Thus, it has low heating and high energy generation technology.