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Sonetrol Solar

Agricultural Irrigation Systems

3 Hp (from horsepower)

Up to 110 Hp (Horse)

It has a wide power range.

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Solar Agricultural Irrigation Systems provide the highest performance in all types of AC pumps, in any pump capacity.

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Solar Agricultural Irrigation Systems have a modular structure with an easy, wide power range.

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The devices used in Solar Agricultural Irrigation Systems have IP66 protection class and are designed to operate in all kinds of outdoor environments and harsh weather conditions.

With its Smart Logic feature (with Intelligent Artificial Logic Intelligence), it makes it easier for you to use.

SONETROL Photovoltaic System products Energy saving in EPC installation projects is the ideal

solution for you.


***Photovoltaic Module
***On Grid and Off Grid Inverters
***Long Life OPZ and Gel Type Batteries
***Connection Connectors
***Carrier Failures

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