The roof of your factory / company
Let's turn it into a Solar Power Plant!

feel the energy with Sonetrol...

Photovoltaic System Products

SONETROL Photovoltaic System products Energy saving in EPC installation projects is the ideal

solution for you.


***Photovoltaic Module
***On Grid and Off Grid Inverters
***Long Life OPZ and Gel Type Batteries
***Connection Connectors
***Carrier Failures

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Our Company


Solar Thermal System Products

SONETROL products are sustainable
It is the ideal solution for energy saving.

Its space saving modern design is easy to install as well as highly efficient products.

***Solar Thermal Collector

***Boiler & StorageTanks
***Solar & HVAC Automation Equipmen
Solar Circulation Pump Stations
***Solar Thermal Systems with Pump

***Thermosiphon Systems

***Collector Mounting Sets

***Accessories and Equipment

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Global Sales Network

With extensive distribution and service network SONETROL products are provided to our valued customers.

The most appropriate and accurate energy optimization solution for your project, by our experts.


HVAC & Solar Automation Systems

SONETROL Automation Products We are offering you intelligent optimum solutions from a single source for a wide range of applications in sustainable HVAC heating and cooling systems.

*** HCC Series Heating Automation Panels
*** CALEON Smart Smart Room Thermostats
*** TDC Series Solar Automation Panels
*** FWC Series Hot Water Preparation
Automation Panels
*** BMC Biomass and WPC Heat Pump
Automation Panels
*** S Coonect & Accessories

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Technical Service

With our extensive technical service network, SONETROL products to our esteemed customers after the sale of technical services and services with confidence.

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Heat Transfer Fluids

SONETROL Heat transfer Fluids help you save a lot of money with antifreeze-enabled fluids that prolong the life of your Vehicle and System and provide a high level of heat transfer.


*** ELC Long life Antifreeze
*** CLS Classic Antifreeze
*** Solar Liquid
*** Combi Protection Fluid
*** Solar Surface Cleaning Fluid 

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For more than 15 years, SONETROL has been working to convince the world that using solar energy, which is an inexhaustible source of energy, is an effective saving.

In addition to quality and our inovasyonu, before and after sales service we provide to our customers who trust us to our goal of becoming Turkey's largest EPC company, helping us to reach.

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Adres: Barbaros Mah. Oymak Caddesi No:8/51 Kocasinan 38080  KAYSERİ - TURKEY

Adres: Barbaros Mah. Oymak Caddesi No:8/51 Kocasinan 38080  KAYSERİ - TURKEY

feel the energy with SONETROL...