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SM-M Series Monocrystalline Photovoltaic Modules


For those looking for a lot of energy in a small space perc cell technology at your service ...
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Photovoltaic Systems (Solar Electricity)
Products & Services 

SONETROL stands by you, our valued customers, with the products and EPC installation and project solutions it provides in the rooftop GES Photovoltaic System installation projects.

*** Photovoltaic Panels
*** Solar String Inverters
*** Remote Monitoring and Response Control Systems (Scada)
*** Kiosk and Pole Type Transformer Applications
*** AC and DC Solar Cable Applications
*** Solar Construction and Carrier Components
*** Project & TEDAŞ Operations

*** Solarpack Off Grid Package Systems

*** Smart Inverters

*** AC Pump Driver

*** Long Life OPZ and Gel Type Batteries

*** Connectors

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Solar Thermal Systems (Heat Energy from the Sun) 
Products & Services  

SONETROL  Solar Thermal  (solar energy) systems are an ideal solution for sustainable energy savings. Modern  design, easy installation as well as high efficiency products.  

***Solar Collectors
***Boilers and
  Accumulation Tanks
***Solar Circulation Pumps
***Carrier Stand and Accessories

*** Solar Blowers and Air Evacuation Device

*** Safety  and  Connection equipments

***HCC Series  Heating Automation Devices
***CELEON Smart Smart Room Thermostats
***TDC Series Solar Automation Devices

***ELC Long life Antifreeze

***CLS Classic Antifreeze

***Solar Liquid

***Boiler Protection Fluid

***Solar Surface Cleaning Liquid 


On Grid Grid Connect Photovoltaic Systems

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