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SM-M Series Monocrystalline PV Modules


For those looking for a lot of energy in a small space
perc cell technology at your service ...
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Photovoltaic Systems (Electricity from the Sun)

SONETROL stands by you, our valued customers, with the products and EPC installation and project solutions it provides in the rooftop GES Photovoltaic System installation projects.

*** Photovoltaic Panels
*** Solar String Inverters
*** Remote Monitoring and Response Control Systems (Scada)
*** Kiosk and Pole Type Transformer Applications
*** AC and DC Solar Cable Applications
*** Solar Construction and Carrier Components
*** Project & TEDAŞ Operations

*** Solarpack Off Grid Package Systems

*** Smart Inverters

*** AC Pump Driver

*** Long Life OPZ and Gel Type Batteries

*** Connectors

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Solar Thermal (Solar Heat Energy)

SONETROL products are sustainable
It is the ideal solution for energy saving.

Its space saving modern design is easy to install as well as highly efficient products.

*** Solar Collectors

*** Boilers and Accumulation Tanks

*** Solar Circulation Pumps

*** Carrier Stand and Parts

*** Solar Extractor and Air Discharge Device

*** Safety and Connection Equipment

*** HCC Series Heating Automation Devices

*** CELEON Smart Smart Room Thermostats

*** TDC Series Solar Automation Devices

*** ELC Long life Antifreeze

*** CLS Classic Antifreeze

*** Solar Liquid

*** Combi Protection Fluid

*** Solar Surface Cleaning Liquid


Ten Grid Network

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feel the energy with Sonetrol ...